Sretno dijete [Happy Child] (2003) - Igor Mirković


DVD Rip / 696 Mb / 1hr37
Director: Igor Mirković
Release date: 2003.
In Croatian / English srt
Genre: Documentary / Music
Country: Croatia

Documentary about New Wave scene in Yugoslavia (Zagreb in particular), in late 70s/early 80s. Igor Mirković, today political journalist, is in pursuit for idols of his youth, depicting most prominent bands of this time. New Wave was simply Golden Age of Yugoslavian pop/rock music; However, many members of the bands are today scattered around Europe... Prljavo Kazalište (Dirty Theatre), Film, Električni orgazam (Electric orgasm), Idoli (Idols), Pankrti (The Bastards) and many others, made such an impact there, that people were listening more domestic bands than foreign ones, for the first time. This unique corner of the World, although communist state, was never part of Eastern bloc, and therefore open for influences from the West. Punk and New Wave was just the right thing for the angry youth. And this wasn't just Wave - it was more like Tsunami - there was bands in every garage.
Sadly, one prominent band, if not the most important, is not depicted in the movie - It's Šarlo Akrobata (Charlot the Acrobate) from Belgrade. Two members died long time ago, and third one refused to be in the movie.


English subs:

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