Shiiku no heya (2002) Aka Captives

Rating: N/A
Runtime: 104 Min
Language: Japan With English Srt
Country: Japan
Color: Color
IMDb Link:

Director: Kim Tegwan
Yamaguchi Hiroyuk
Suzuki Kazuyoshi
Ozawa Kazuyoshi
Negishi Kie
Sakurai Mayumi
Endo Kenichi


Sagawa is a Postman with no wife or Life. He is a man with a Vision. After he deliver a letter to Madoka, a great sexy Lady, Sagawa becoming obsessed with her, and Imagining how can he fuck her. It’s obvious that Sagawa has planned this out for a long time. When he finally incapacitates Madoka and takes her back to his apartment he begins a pattern of mental abuse right away. If she struggles or doesn’t respond properly to his questions he repeatedly plugs her nose with her mouth already duct taped shut, allowing her to suffocate nearly to the point of passing out before removing it and reiterating the proper way to respond. His methods are so cruel and calculated that it soon becomes clear he’s not just some random maniac driven by sexual impulses; he just genuinely believes that he can train her to love him. And in a way, that just makes him even scarier.

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