Secret (2009)

Rating: 6.9/10 32 votes
Runtime: 105 Min
Language: Korean with English Subs (.srt)
Country: South Korea
Color: Color
IMDb Link:

Director: Jae-gu Yoon
Joon-seo Bang
Seung-won Cha
Tae-goo Eom
Hye-rin Joo
Ji-hyeon Kim
Hee-jeong Lee
Jong-woo Lee
Sang-hee Lee
Ha-Yeong Park
Yong-yeon Park
Yun-ah Song


Sung-ryeol (Cha Seung-Won) is a detective in charge of violent crimes. He is having an affair with his colleague’s wife, and it is the reason he loses his own son in a car accident. Wracked with guilt but unable to explain to his wife, Ji-yeon (Song Yun-Ah), what happened on that day and why so she decides to go abroad. Ji-yeon comes home unexpectedly and insecurely one day, peaking Sung-ryeol’s curiosity. The next day, Sung-ryeol finds trace evidence that hints at his wife while investigating a murder scene. He presumes that his wife is connected to the case, and does all he can to keep her from being identified as a suspect. When an unidentified man shows up claiming to know Ji-yeon is involved and asking for money, the situation is made worse by Ji-yeon refusing to tell him any kind of truth.

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