Sabirni centar [The Meeting Point] (1989) - Goran Marković


DVD Rip / 699 Mb / 1hr35 / 640x480

Director: Goran Marković
Writer: Dušan Kovačević
Cast: Rade Marković, Bogdan Diklić, Dragan Nikolić, Olivera Marković, Danilo 'Bata' Stojković, Aleksandar Berček, Anica Dobra
Release date: 19.7.1989.
In Serbo-croatian / English srt+
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Fantasy
Country: Yugoslavia

During the excavation of ancient Roman ruins, an old archaeology professor accidentally opens the gate between our world and the world of the dead. In attempt to remove the heavy panel, he dies. Being in a state between death and life, he's dead only to his surrounding. By establishing connection between two worlds, dead people now wants to see their relatives, by taking the secret passage to the outside world. But world of living isn't that kind of what they were expecting.



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