Rôjin to rabudôru (2008) aka Maid Droid

Rating: 5.1/10
Runtime: 66
Language: Japanese (english .srt softsubs)
Country: Japan
Color: Color
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1381106/

Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Hiroshi Fujita
Hiroyuki Kaneko
Masayoshi Nogami
Yôko Satomi
Anri Suzuki
Mari Yamaguchi
Akiho Yoshizawa

Description: Mr. Ueno, retired, lives alone; he talks to Maria, a maid-droid his parents brought from their factory decades ago. Maria became Ueno's companion after his parents' deaths, and now her battery is run down; there are no replacement parts. Meanwhile, Inspector Akagi and her police squad are looking for a serial rapist that may not be human; however, if it's a robot, in harming people it would be disobeying Asimov's rules of robotics. Akagi's inquiry takes her to a droid factory run by Mr. X; he helps by explaining why host-droids, the male equivalent of a maid-droid, don't sell. What will Ueno and Akagi learn about love and the nature of men and women?

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Subtitle : http://rapidshare.com/files/386460474/Maid_Droid_2009.srt


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