Поцелуй бабочки {Potseluy babochki} [Butterfly Kiss] (2006) Anton Sivers

Поцелуй бабочки {Potseluy babochki} [Butterfly Kiss]
(2006) Anton Sivers

Director: Anton Sivers | Writer: Arkadi Tigai | Editor: Marina Vasilyeva | Cast: Sergey Bezrukov, Lin Yan, Andrei Astrakhantsev, Leonid Gromov, Anna Dubrovskaya, Helga Filippova, Laura Lauri, Georgi Pitskhelauri, Sergei Shekhovtsov, Konstantin Shelestun | Genre: Action, Crime, Romance, Foreign | Cinematographer: Yuri Shaygardanov | Runtime: 105 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: Russian, with English subs included in rar files (srt) | Country: Russia

Filesize: 697Mb | OverallBitRate: 1022Kbps | Playtime: 1h 35mn | VideoCodec: Mpeg Xvid @820Kbps | DisplayAspectRatio: 16:9 | VideoFrameRate: 720x400pix | FrameRate: 25fps | Mpeg Audio 192kbps 2Channels


Synopsis: He (Nikolai Orlanov) is the genius of industrial espionage. She (Li) is a Chinese. She has nothing, she does not even have a name. They love each other madly, but they belong to the system. Go away from the system can only be to the madhouse, or to the grave.

The files have been split with WinRar, no password.

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EdwinS said...

Thank you!!

Walter said...

Is there any possibilities of includind subtitles?
May be in any occidental language.

JayCam said...

Walter: English subs are included in the rar files. [Language: Russian, with English subs included in rar files (srt)]

Katia said...

Hi! The subtitles given with the file above are not of very good quality - the translation there is pretty poor. I wrote much better subtitles for this movie. Please feel free to download them at the link below and use them:


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