On ne meurt que deux fois (1985) - Jacques DERAY

(Policier) On ne meurt que deux fois [DVDrip] 1985

XviD-823 | mp3@128 | 544x320 | French (no sub found) | DVD Sticker | 1h42 | 700 Mb

France 09 Oct 1985
Réalisation Jacques DERAY

Avec Michel Serrault, Charlotte Rampling, Xavier Deluc, Elisabeth Depardieu, Gérard Darmon...

For the Frenchies --> http://www.impetueux.com/?p=4348

"On ne meurt que deux fois", a French murder mystery based upon a novel of the same name, is an unusual, involving film with excellent performances by its entire cast. Police Inspector Staniland (Michel Serrault) is investigating the death of a pianist. While conducting his investigation and looking through the victim's apartment, he meets Barbara (Charlotte Rampling), the mistress of the murder victim. Barbara confesses to the crime, but Staniland, based on his observations and experience, does not believe her. He then sets out to find the truth, with surprising results. Both Serrault and Rampling are outstanding in this well-directed, well-paced film. On Ne Meurt Que Deux Fois was also released as He Died With His Eyes Open and won the Jury Prize at the 1985 Montreal World Film Festival. ~ Linda Rasmussen, All Movie Guide


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Michael said...

Without the english subtitles this upload is no less than a crap for non-frienchies!!

galmuchet said...

So you don't download! A lot of francophone people are present here and there is no english subs ... so what's the way? I don't post?
Do like me I'm french and I learned english you can do the opposite :-)

JayCam said...

People have to accept that some movies do not come with English subtitles. I personally have a bunch of original movies from Spain and Latin America that come without English subs, or sometime they have the subs in the same language of the movie. It's just a fact we have to deal with. The post is no less valuable for other people.

paralogisme said...

hehe...great answer galmuchet...yes, move your lazies asses and go learn something

Steve said...

The sad part is that many native English speakers are so used to English language movies that they won't watch a film with subtitles at all.

That said, I don't understand the economics. Pay a language student a couple of hundred euros to do the subs and you open up your DVD to a whole new market.

Michael said...

Thats a nice point.. these movies serve as a reference to a french culture when exposed to a english speaking audience if no english subtitles then english speaking audience is never going to watch these great french movies..

galmuchet said...

It's not wrong ... and it's a pity the whole world don't speak the same esperanto or volapuk :-) A comment about french movies ... a lot of them edited en France (where I live) are only in French (except blockbusters or prized) CHABROL too for instance ... I was obliged this month to order special CHABROL collection in London (UK) to get French audio + English subtitles ... I can post now on the web for more people ...

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