NADA [The Nada Gang] (1974) - Claude CHABROL

(Thriller) NADA [The Nada Gang] 1974

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France 10 Feb 1974
Realisation Claude CHABROL

Avec Fabio Testi, Lou Castel, Mariangela Melato, Michel Aumont, Michel Duchaussoy, Maurice Garrel, Didier Kaminka, André Falcon, François Perrot, Viviane Romance...

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Nada is a small leftwing terrorist group made up of six people from very different backgrounds. Diaz, the most militant of the group, plans to kidnap the American ambassador Richard Poindexter, in a bid to draw attention to their cause. One of the group, Treuffais, a timid philosophy teacher, will have no part in this and walks away. His five comrades succeed in spiriting Poindexter away to a remote farmhouse. Unfortunately for them, the police chief who is assigned to the case sees the elimination of the terrorists as having much greater priority than rescuing the ambassador...


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From CHABROL Collection Volume 1


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