Nacionalna klasa [National Class] (1979) - Goran Marković

aka "National Class Up to 785 ccm"

DVD Rip / 698 Mb / 1hr40 / 640x416

Directed by: Goran Marković
Writer: Goran Marković
Cast: Dragan Nikolić, Gorica Popović, Bogdan Diklić, Mića Tomić, Olivera Marković, Aleksandar Berček, Rade Marković, Danilo Stojković
Release date: 9.1.1979.
In Serbo-croatian / English and Spanish srt
Genre: Comedy / Sport
Country: Yugoslavia

One week in a life of Branimir "Floyd" Mitrović, a 27-year old car racer. He's still living with his parents, signing-in for a 4th faculty, avoids the army and refusing to take any kind of responsibility. However, he's good-looking and charmer. With his trashy "Zastava 750" (licensed Fiat 600) he's planning to qualify for the higher class of Auto-Racing, but troubles are seeming endless.
This is simply the jewel of Serbian cinema. Jokes from the movie are used in everydays life, since they are so frequent and every character funnier than previous: The annoying Škoda owner, stuttering student of film direction named Buñuel, Mile Rent-a-Kidney (guy who urinates instead of others), Brana's gay friend, two ugly chicks from caffe, Brana's greasy car mechanic... Great soundtrack, and above all, there is this small car - the Yugoslavian national pride.



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