The Little Prince (1974) - Stanley DONEN

(Fantasy) The Little Prince [DVDrip] 1974 BivX

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USA 07 Nov 1974
Director Stanley DONEN (From St-Exupery)

* Richard Kiley (Pilot)
* Steven Warner (Little Prince)
* Bob Fosse (Snake)
* Gene Wilder (Fox)
* Joss Ackland (King)
* Clive Revill (Businessman)
* Victor Spinetti (Historian)
* Graham Crowden (General)
* Donna McKechnie (Rose)

For the Frenchies -->

Based on the classic book of the same name by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the fable tells the story of a pilot (played by Richard Kiley) forced to make an emergency landing in the Sahara Desert. There he is befriended by a young boy, the Little Prince from Asteroid B-612. In the days that follow, the Pilot hears about his past and various journeys throughout the Solar System. As he travels through space, the Little Prince encounters several strange grown-ups on different planetoids, all with a skewed way of looking at life. But it is not until he finally reaches Earth, that the Little Prince learns his most important life lessons of all (mainly from the Fox played by Gene Wilder, and the Snake played by Bob Fosse). These lessons the Little Prince shares with the Pilot, before he dies.


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