Leptirica [The She-Butterfly] (1973) - Đorđe Kadijević


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Director: Đorđe Kadijević
Writer: Milovan Glišić & Đorđe Kadijević
Cast: Petar Božović, Mirjana Nikolić, Slobodan Perović
Release date: 15.4.1973.
In Serbo-croatian / English srt
Genre. Horror / Drama
Country: Yugoslavia

Very first and ultimate Serbian horror, based on the 1895 novel "After 90 years" of famous writer Milovan Glišić (2 years before Bram Stokers "Dracula"). However, the novel was inspired by folk legends and rural myths of 19th century Serbia.
In one small village there's a mill, and anyone who gets job there as a miller is found dead in the morning. Villagers suspect to Sava Savanović, man who died 90 years ago - now vampyre. Only person who dare to accept job is poor Strahinja, a young fellow who is in love with beautiful daughter of Živan, wealthy but awkward villager.
During its premiere in 1973, man in Macedonia died from shock. Just two time after that was aired on TV (in 1985 and couple of years ago). Maybe is a little bit silly nowadays, but over the years, it became one of the cultest movies here, but yet unknown so well abroad. The importance of this movie is also authenticity of the folk tales, rather than some bad copy of zombie movie. Just for knowing: 'Vampyre' is the only worldwide-used word from Serbian language.
Today, the mill is still there, but it's overgrown with weeds and grass, and can be reached only by goat-like path. It is located near city of Valjevo in Western Serbia.




English subs: http://rs.titlovi.com/prevodi/leptirica-aka------------77270/

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Dejan Ognjanovic said...

"After 90 years" is not a novel.
It is a short story.
And it was not published in 1895, as the above person claims, but in 1880.

MarioPA1982 said...
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MarioPA1982 said...

OK, but I read somewhere that is released 2 years before Stokers' "Dracula". So, it's 17 years.

MarioPA1982 said...
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Gerolsteiner said...

Great guys... ;-)

A said...


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