La Rupture [The Breach] (1970) - Claude CHABROL

(Drame, Thriller) La Rupture [The Breach] 1970

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France 26 Aug 1970
Realisation Claude CHABROL

Avec/cast Stéphane Audran, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Michel Bouquet, Annie Cordy, Jean-Claude Drouot

Hélène Régnier walks out on her drug-addicted husband Charles after he brutally attacks their infant son. She stays in a run-down hotel whilst her son convalesces in hospital and she files for divorce. Charles’s wealthy bourgeois father is adamant that Hélène will lose custody of her child and, to that end, he engages a former business associate of Charles, Paul Thomas, to discredit her. When Paul fails to uncover any incriminating evidence against Hélène he concocts a scheme that will destroy her reputation. Things do not go quite as planned...


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unnis said...

Thank you so much. I saw one of your comments saying you got this Chabrol collection with English subtitle in particular, so that people who do not understand French can enjoy these films too. It is very much appreciated and I hope you will share other films apart from The Breach too :-)

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