La Route de Corinthe [Who's Got the Black Box?] (1967) - Claude CHABROL

(Drame, Thriller) La Route de Corinthe [Who's Got the Black Box?] 1967

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France 27 Oct 1967
Realisation Claude CHABROL

Avec Jean Seberg, Christian Marquand, Maurice Ronet, Michel Bouquet, Saro Urzi ...

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When an illusionist is caught attempting to smuggle a mysterious black box into Greece, the CIA uncover a daring scheme to neutralise military radar equipment in the area. Two agents, Robert Ford and Dex Marston, are assigned to discover who is behind the operation, but Ford is killed not long after having received a tip off. Ford’s American wife Shanny is implicated in the murder and she is ordered to leave the country as soon as possible by his boss, Sharps. Believing that her husband was onto something, Shanny decides to stay and continue his work, not realising the ruthlessness of her opponents – and her supposed allies...


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From CHABROL Collection Volume 2


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