La corrupción de Chris Miller (The Corruption of Chris Miller) (1973) - Juan Antonio Bardem

Two women are living together in an isolated Spanish mansion. Ruth Miller (played by American actress Jean Seburg) shares the house with her stepdaughter, Chris (former Spanish child star Marisol). Chris’ father had abandoned both of them a year beforehand, which caused his daughter to have a nervous breakdown – something acerbated by being raped in the shower by a body-builder whilst at school. Whenever it rains it reminds her of her ordeal and she freaks out, grabbing the nearest sharp instrument and stabbing whatever is close to hand ...

Ruth’s interest in her stepdaughter isn’t as altruistic as it first seems. Firstly, she appears to have Sapphic designs on her – and it soon emerges that she blames her for her husband leaving them. Her slow revenge will be quite literally the corruption of Chris Miller.

Password: Torgo



daffy_d30 said...

hmmmm, this password isn't correct *sniff*

Oliver said...

^The password is correct. Make sure you use an uppercase T.

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