L été meurtrier (1983) Aka One Deadly Summer

Rating: 7.5/10 1,490 votes
Runtime: 130 min
Language: French
Country: France
Color: Color
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086655/

Director: Jean Becker
Isabelle Adjani
Alain Souchon ... Fiorimonto 'Florimond' Montecciari - dit 'Pin-Pon'
Suzanne Flon ... Nine dite 'Cognata'
Jenny Clève ... Madame Montecciari - la mère de Pin Pon
Maria Machado ... Paula Wieck Devigne dite 'Eva Braun' - la mère d'Eliane
Evelyne Didi ... Calamité
Jean Gaven ... Leballech - le patron de la scierie
François Cluzet ... Mickey
Manuel Gélin ... Boubou
Roger Carel ... Henri dit 'Henri IV'
Michel Galabru ... Gabriel Devigne - le père d'Eliane
Marie-Pierre Casey ... Mademoiselle Tussaud - la garde-malade
Cécile Vassort ... Josette
Edith Scob ... La doctoresse


Fuelled by a scorchingly erotic performance from Isabelle Adjani, the ingeniously plotted "One Deadly Summer" spirals from provincial drama into a disturbing and complex psychological thriller, proving itself among the most under-rated of modern French films. In the hottest summer since Body Heat, Eliane (Adjani) and local mechanic Pin Pon (Alain Souchon) begin an affair then marry. From this starting point (a similar plot device to Chabrol's Le Boucher, 1969), life in a beautiful small town in Southern France begins to come apart. Under Jean Becker's direction every character is fully rounded, and the naturalistic tone adds considerably to the impact of an intense drama that offers the perfect showcase for Adjani, establishing once and for all what an extraordinarily accomplished actress she can be. Where Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue was similarly erotically charged and mentally unstable, Eliane has a dark and obsessive agenda that anticipates the sexual psychosis of Basic Instinct.

Combining an art-house love of the French countryside with more class than a dozen Hollywood erotic thrillers, "One Deadly Summer" is a striking vision of sex gone bad which builds to a shocking climax. It deserves to take its place as a modern classic.

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Raymond said...

Subtitles will soon be available. 80% completed. Will post here.

Raymond said...

Just finished subs.

galmuchet said...
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galmuchet said...

Pretty nice quality version (maybe it's OK with your subs) in MKV here --> http://www.foriegnmoviesddl.com/search?q=L%27Et%C3%A9+meurtrier

Raymond said...

Sorry Galmuchet, I didn't realise that subs were already included in your upload. There was no mention of them in your write-up. I could have saved a lot of wasted time. Thanks for your great uploads that keep coming and coming, and your "Duck is Dead".

galmuchet said...

to Raymond ... there is no sub in MKV version I spoke about your subtitles ...

Raymond said...

My download of your movie has subs???
As a point of information, my subs were written to your movie version.

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