The Invisible Man (1933) - James WHALE

(Sci-Fi) The Invisible Man [DVDrip] 1933 BivX

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USA 13 Nov 1933
Director James WHALE (From H-G.WELLS)

Cast Claude RAINS (Jack Griffin), Gloria STUART (Flora Cranley), William HARRIGAN (Doctor Kemp), John CARRADINE (Villageois), Dwight FRYE (Journalist)

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The film opens with a mysterious stranger, his face swathed in bandages and his eyes obscured by dark spectacles, taking a room at an inn at the English village of Iping (in Sussex). Never leaving his quarters, the stranger demands that the staff leave him completely alone. However, his dark secret is slowly revealed to his suspicious landlady and the villagers: he is an invisible man. When the innkeeper (Forrester Harvey) and his semi-hysterical wife (Una O'Connor) tell him to leave after he makes a huge mess in the parlor and drives away the other patrons, he tears off the bandages, laughing maniacally, and throws the innkeeper down the stairs. He takes off the rest of his clothes, rendering himself completely invisible, and tries to strangle a police officer.


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