Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction (2003 - 2004)

Runtime: 29 minute Per Episode (3 Episode)
Language: Japanese With English Subtitle
Country: Japan
Color: Color
IMDb Link: N/a

Director: Tomohiro Koyama, Bucifer

Description: In the past, police have discovered that a gun that was used in several murder cases had a "curse" to it, and whoever wields the said weapon is unable to hold back any wild or dangerous intentions, which usually end up with someone getting hurt. With this as the root of the story, there comes Yuu Asakura, a student at a university. One fateful day, he rushes at a train station, when he accidentally bumps into a man with a briefcase. Unintentionally, Yuu and the man swapped their briefcases (which appear fairly similar in color and design) as he runs for the train. Just as the doors behind him close, the man he bumped into earlier stood beyond the door and raised the briefcase that was supposedly his to show it to him. However it was already too late and the train has already started moving.
Soon thereafter, Yuu returns home, where in a short period of time, he discovers a gun, some money and a mysterious videotape all encased inside the briefcase that belonged to the man. Recorded inside the tape was an assassination order and some background information on the target. Yuu was also informed of a backup partner with the codename "Angel" and where she could be found. Without further thinking, Yuu unofficially takes on the job with the gun as his only weapon of choice.
Along the story, Yuu's innocence is shattered as he travels into the world of murder, sex and violence. Although the show includes a few bloody scenes, many of said crimes tend to end up with sexual abuses or activities.

Full Screenshot Episode 3 :

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