Guerra Conjugal (1975) Joaquim Pedro de Andrade

Guerra Conjugal (1975) aka Conjugal Warfare
Genre: Comedy
Director: Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1
Length: 86mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 656x480 - 25fps - 1.15gb

Cristina Aché, Wilza Carla, Maria Lúcia Dahl, Lima Duarte, Elza Gomes

Guerra Conjugal presents a few cases of pathological love in the business-suit-and-tie civilization. A particular sort of mythology blossoms in the town of Curitiba, which could catually be anywhere and everywhere, in which plastic flowers and pink china elephants could spring up at any moment. Here, a gallant middle ages lawyer, with such anachronic behaviour that he could be out of time itself, reveals himself unable to resist to the erotic call of young girls' shoes, revealing dresses, beautiful widows mourning clothes or even dark circles under beautiful eyes and physical decay. Here too, a rather sinister young man, still shy and vulnerable, but with an urban vampire personality which we can feel already through his strict suits and matching ties, hiding his body like a second-rate coffin. Here finally, an abject old couple, who spend every night in the same huge black wood bed, that God forbid, we will ever sleep in. Domestic servitude, ghastly kisses, varices, arteriosclerosis, ridiculous mouth noises, kitchen-sink erotism, senile covetousness, sharp slaps in the face, terrible interior design, doubts about sex, asthma, even the final victory of prostitution over old age - they all lead to the possibility of redemption through the excess of sin...


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idab said...

Error in .rar file part1 !!! :mad:
spend hours downloading everything...

JayCam said...

idab, try decompressing the files using the instructions below:
1. RT click the on 1st file segment (XXX.part1.rar)
2. Select "WinRAR > Extract Files..." in the context menu that opens.
3. A WinRAR window will open to let you select where you want the archive to be extracted.
4. You must make sure that the "keep broken files" option is selected, near the bottom left side of this window!
5. Then click the "save settings" button to make this the default & OK to start unpacking.

Barry said...

Anybody got this on RS?

flaflatw said...

For RS, posted here :

galmuchet said...

precision ... surrealmoviez has a private access you must be a member or register ...

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