The Gates of Hell (1980) - Lucio Fulci

The Gates of Hell (1980) Aka City of the Living Dead
Genre: Horror
Country: Italy | Director: Lucio Fulci
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85 : 1 | Length: 88mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 560x320 - 728mb


Plot: In the small New England town of Dunwich, a priest commits suicide by hanging himself in the church cemetery which somehow opens the gates of hell allowing the dead to rise. Peter, a New York City reporter, teams up with a young psychic, named Mary, to travel to the town where they team up with another couple, psychiatrist Jerry and patient Sandra, to find a way to close the gates before All Saints Day or the dead all over the world will rise up and kill the living.

Christopher George ... Peter Bell
Catriona MacColl ... Mary Woodhouse (as Katriona MacColl)
Carlo De Mejo ... Gerry
Antonella Interlenghi ... Emily Robbins
Giovanni Lombardo Radice ... Bob

One of my favorite horror movies ever!

In The town of Dunwich New York, a catholic priest commits suicide and unleashes a terrible curse into the town as evil spirits and zombies terrorize the town-folk. In New York City, an ace journalist (Christopher George) with psychic Mary (Catriona MacColl) where they must go to Dunwich to find the grave of the priest in order to shut the gates of hell before All Saint's Day and if it doesn't get shut then the spirits of the dead will take over the world.

Exciting, gruesome and very H.P. Lovecraft-esquire supernatural Italian shocker from Lucio Fulci is one of his best movies. Yes the plot is flimsy as it comes but the film does pack one hell of a wallop! cult actor Giovanni Lambardo Radice ("Cannibal Ferox") does a memorable performance as Bob the town black sheep who always gets blamed for everything. There some unforgettable moments of graphic gore such as the spirit of the priest making a girl bleed from her eye sockets like a stigmata painting and throws up her organs literally which is one of the most stomach churning moments i've ever witnessed on screen and also some drilling as well. I also love how Fulci makes the creatures in this movie a mix of ghosts and zombies whom have the power to teleport and crush human skulls with their hands, the film does have some heart-pounding tension like a woman being buried alive as it gets under your skin.

Fabio Frizzi's score is memorable and unique that adds the mood to this creepy, graphic and atmospheric thrill ride that should be viewed by horror fans, HP Lovecraft lovers, zombie and ghost movie fans and even gorehounds alike.








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