El Lute, camina o revienta [El Lute: Run for Your Life] (1987) Vicente Aranda

El Lute, camina o revienta [El Lute: Run for Your Life]
(1987) Vicente Aranda

Director: Vicente Aranda | Writers: Vicente Aranda, Joaquim Jorda | Editor: Teresa Font | Cast: Imanol Arias, Victoria Abril, Antonio Valero, Carlos Tristancho, Margarita Calahorra | Genre: Drama, Biography, Foreign | Cinematographer: José Luis Alcaine | Awards: 11 wins & 4 nominations | Runtime: 120 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: Spanish, no subs | Country: Spain

Filesize: 894 mb | OverallBitRate: 1079kbps | Playtime: 1h 55mn | VideoCodec: Mpeg DivX @1481 Kbps | VideoFrameRate: 941kbps 640x480pix | FrameRate: 25fps | Mpeg Audio 128kbps 2Channels

First part of the history of "El Lute", a delinquent who became notorious in Spain for his jail escapes in the 60's, converting himself in a popular legend.


Synopsis: In Spain of the 1960s, a poor family of gypsies have a nomadic life marked by poverty. The son, Eleuterio Sánchez Rodriguez, nicknamed “El Lute”, steals some chickens and is condemned to six months in jail. El Lute moves to the slum outskirts of Madrid with his common law wife, Chelo, starting an itinerant life as a peddler of pots and pans and living in a gypsy shantytown. He gradually embarks upon as life of petty criminality, eventually participating in the theft of a jewelry store during which a bystander is killed. The Guardia Civil catch up with him fast. He is arrested again, but even under torture, he refuses to reveal the identities of his partners in crime. Despite this, they are rounded up and all three are sentenced to death for the murder they committed while robbing the jewelry store. A last minute reprieve by General Franco saves their lives in the last minute, commuting the sentence.

Later, while being escorted by two civil guards in a train, El Lute manages to escape, eluding a nationwide manhunt for several weeks despite having a broken arm. The Civil Guards eventually track him down and return him to prison. El Lute, thanks to his daring escapes from police custody and anti-Franco stance, becomes a most uncommon folk hero.

En 1960, una familia transhumante de cacharreros recorre Extremadura. Llevan una vida dura, causa por la que la madre muere. El hijo, Eleuterio Sánchez “El Lute”, roba unas gallinas y es condenado a seis meses de cárcel. Años después, en 1965, tras el asalto a una joyería de Madrid, en el que muere el vigilante, es juzgado y condenado a muerte. Sin embargo, la pena es conmutada por la cadena perpetua, y “El Lute” se fuga durante un traslado. Desde ese momento, comienza su huída acosado por la Guardia Civil.

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