Dragon Heat aka Dragon Squad (2005) Daniel Lee

Dragon Heat aka Dragon Squad (2005) Daniel Lee
Director: Daniel Lee | Writers: Daniel Lee, Ho Leung Lau | Editor: Wai Chiu Chung | Cast: Vanness Wu, Shawn Yue, Yu Xia, Shengyi Huang, Lawrence Chou, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Michael Biehn, Bingbing Li, Jun-ho Heo, Maggie Q, Simon Yam, Isabella Leong, Mark Henderson, Philip Ng, Andy On | Genre: Action Crime, Foreign | Cinematographer: Tony Cheung | Runtime: 110 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, MKV | Language: English, with Chinese & English subs included in Mkv file | Country: Hong Kong

Filesize: MiB | OverallBitRate: 631Kbps | Playtime: 1h 50mn | VideoCodec: AVC Mpeg @498Kbps | DisplayAspectRatio:16:9 | VideoFrameRate: 624x352pix | FrameRate: 23.976fps | AAC-3 Audio 2Channels


Synopsis: A team of young interpol agents, Andy, Vanness and Cheung arrives in Hong Kong to produce testimony in a trial against a local crimelord Tiger Duen with local cops Lok and Suet together. However, during prisoner transport to the courthouse, a ruthless mercenary team led by Petros (Michael Biehn, Terminator) assaults the armed convoy. Interpol is humiliated while the op is led by a veteran cop Kong Lung(Sammo Hung), who recognizes the group is made up of known international terrorists. Kong is very reluctant to get involved in another operation until he gets inspired by his young charges who rises to the occasion. They come together to form "DRAGON SQUAD" in the hunt for Petros. The streets of Hong Kong become a backdrop in a battle of wills and wits in a cat and mouse game between the two teams that engage in urban warfare.

DRAGON HEAT, directed by Daniel Lee, is an action film that really looks very good, it contains hyper-accelerated action footages with a professional style of quality.

The files have been split with WinRar, no password.

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part6 and part7 is same please re upload

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The movie file is only 6 parts, seems like part 6 was uploaded twice, use any of the two.

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