Die Jungfrauen von Bumshausen (1970) Aka Run Virgin Run

Rating: 4.0/10 33 votes
Runtime: 95 min
Language: English with Russian Lector
Country: Germany
Color: Color
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065925/

Director: Hans Billian
Joav Jasinski ... Michael Horn
Maria Brockerhoff ... Inge Ehrentraut
Helga Tölle ... Gaby
Michaela Martin ... Dagmar
Regina Walther ... Christel
Ingrid Simon ... Anneli
Christine Kuon ... Christine Rieschert (as Christina Kuon)
Karin Glier ... Felizitas
Astrid Boner ... Susanne
Kurt Großkurth ... Bürgermeister Ehrentraut
Hugo Lindinger ... Meckermann
Jochen Busse ... Lorenz Fehling
Hans Stadtmüller ... Rauch
Christoph Geraths ... Dr. Richter
Sepp Gneissl ... Balduin


This movie focuses on a small German town full of old men with young, sexy wives that seems to owe its unusually high birthrate to the "foehn", a wind that blows periodically and supposedly confers virility on the males who breathe it. But what is actually responsible for the fertility phenomenon is the studly young blacksmith who takes advantage of the fact that the town men are all out taking their constitutional in the "foehn" in order to get together with all of their luscious wives. The problem comes when a young, virginal daughter returns to the village (from school, I guess) because virgins and the "foehn" don't mix (and she by herself turns out to be more than the young blacksmith can handle). Thrown into the mix are two visiting nude artist models, a childless couple hoping for some of the "foehn's" magic, and a "population" bureaucrat and his sexy micro-mini-skirted secretary.

This movie isn't outrageously funny, but I found it interestingly exotic with its references to German folklore. I saw it as part of a collection of "Bavarian sex comedies" and it was really the only one of the bunch that seemed distinctly German. And the girls are all very pretty and clearly all-natural when presented in the au natural (which they frequently are).

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