Complices (2010) - Frederic MERMOUD

(Thriller) Complices [DVDrip] 2010

XviD-950 | mp3@125 | 608x320 | French (No sub yet) | 1h30 | 696 Mb

France, Suisse 20 Jan 2010
Realisation Frederic MERMOUD

Avec Gilbert Melki, Emmanuelle Devos, Nina Meurisse ...

For the Frenchies -->

From the very first glances which they exchange in a Cybercafé, Vincent and Rebecca know that they are in love. They are just 18; their lives are happy and carefree. Then, two months later, Vincent’s dead body is found in the Rhone and Rebecca has disappeared. Inspector Hervé Cagan and his teammate Karine Mangin lead the investigation into the tragic fate of the two young lovers. As they trace the thread of the love story that would bind Vincent and Rebecca forever, Hervé and Karine are confronted with the failings in their own lives...

... une histoire bien glauque ...


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Denn said...


galmuchet said...

You insist or can't read!!! It's clearly precised in description --> French (No sub yet)

If you can't wait go your way ... and stop crying in capital letters

No Name said...
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galmuchet said...

Do you think there is only English speaking people on the world? Do you think francophone people can't have access to french speaking movies? On this blog (International) you have the choice if you think it's not for you, choose one corresponding. Or make the effort (like me or others) to learn another language ... it's incredible to read such a comment ...
And (No sub yet) is a clear precision ...

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