Bradbury's Forever and Earth (1981) - Tamara Pavlyuchenko

Country: USSR
Director: Tamara Pavlyuchenko (Павлюченко Тамара)
Language: Russian
Subtitled in Russian (utf-8)
Size: 240,9 M
Video 720x576,25 fps, DivX 5

Forever and Earth (O Skitanijah Vechnyh i o Zemle / О скитаниях вечных и о Земле)
TV performance based on short story of Ray Douglas Bradbury
Performance from "This fantastic world. issue 5" (Этот фантастический мир. Выпуск № 05)
This performance is part (cut without recomression) of video from
Subtitles created by myself with help of Russian text of short story from
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Tolstoy said...

This looks interesting but could we have some english subs? Not sure I see the point of russian subs for a russian video but hey...

galmuchet said...

With such a name "Tolstoy" ... you need english subs :-) I think they don't really exist I suppose the original uploader added them in this case ...

Seenu said...

I used Google to translate the subtitles (Google Translate did not like the srt file - I have to cut and paste the text to translate). You can download at

Be forewarned that the translation is not perfect and it seems during translation of certain languages, pronouns get mixed up (like my -> his/her, ..) If anyone wants to re-upload as a RapidShare file, you are more than welcome to do so.

Tolstoy said...

Ha! Point taken Galmuchet. Thanks for taking the trouble to translate Seenu.

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