The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009)

Rating: 7.2/10 4,858 votes
Runtime: 118 min
Language: English
Country: US
Color: Color
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Director: Troy Duffy
Sean Patrick Flanery ... Connor
Norman Reedus ... Murphy
Billy Connolly ... Poppa
Clifton Collins Jr. ... Romeo
Julie Benz ... Eunice
Bob Marley ... Greenly
Brian Mahoney ... Duffy
David Ferry ... Dolly
David Della Rocco ... Roczo
Peter Fonda ... The Roman
Daniel DeSanto ... Crew Cut
Gerard Parkes ... Doc
Matthew Lemche ... Noah (as Matt Lemche)
Robert Mauriell ... Louie
Judd Nelson ... Concezio Yakavetta


It is revealed that after the MacManus brothers, Conner and Murphy,and their father Noah assassinated Papa Joe Yakavetta, they fled to Ireland for eight years. Their uncle Sibeal arrives to inform them that a renowned Boston priest they heard of was murdered by a mysterious assassin who attempted to copycat their method. In response, the brothers dig up their old clothes and guns and prepare to depart back to Boston. On a freighter en route to Boston, they meet a Mexican fighter named Romeo who offers his resources in Boston if he is allowed to join them, and they accept. They hear a radio broadcast regarding Papa Joe's son Concezio Yakavetta and deduce that he is the man who hired the hitman to kill the priest and draw them out of hiding.

Meanwhile, Detectives Dolly, Duffy, and Greenly are at the scene of the priest's murder and become worried that their involvement in the murder of Papa Joe will be revealed. They are greeted by Special Agent Eunice Bloom, the protege of Paul Smecker and investigate the death of the priest. All four are correct in their assertion that it was not the Saints who murdered him, as the gun angles, exit wounds, and placement of pennies don't match their M.O.. They begin an investigation to find a man of short stature who fits the description of the assassin and find that all signs point to Concezio Yakavetta, who is still angry over the circumstances of his father's murder. However, the assassin appears to be working for a mysterious old man, who apparently knows Noah.

Conner, Murphy, and Romeo first hit a warehouse that is being used by an Asian gang to process heroin for Yakavetta. It ends up going sloppy, but Bloom discovers in the crime scene that the Saints have returned. Conner and Murphy reunite with their old bartender friend Doc. In an attempt to find Yakavetta, Bloom visits a low level mob enforcer named Gorgeous George at a massage parlor, but he doesn't reveal anything. He later gets a visit at a tanning salon from Conner and Murphy regarding the assassin. He tells them he doesn't know who the assassin is because he was an independent contractor and not a part of Yakavetta's crew, but reveals that Yakavetta is hiding in the Prudential Tower.

The brothers and Romeo have George set up a meeting with a group of mobsters at Romeo's uncle's bar and the brothers use George as bait to distract the mobsters. They kill them by surprise and let George go for helping them. The mysterious assassin arrives to kill the brothers, but Bloom arrives and saves the brothers, hitting the hitman with two shots. Bloom introduces herself as an acquaintance of Smecker, who apparently died a few years ago, and reveals she's really there to assist them. They clean up the crime scene to make it look as if the mobsters had turned on each other. Bloom takes Dolly, Duffy, and Greenly to the bar where the boys are staying and are greeted by surprise by them. The brothers, Bloom, and the detectives learn the identity of the assassin: a Sicilian immigrant named Ottilio Panza who was granted citizenship shortly after the attacks on 9/11 when the country was on high alert. They believe there is someone else pulling strings, as someone like Yakavetta would not be capable of doing this and the assassin just let the Saints take out the mobsters.

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