Bon voyage (2003) - Jean-Paul Rappeneau

[RS] Bon voyage (2003) DVDRip x264

Language: French (English, Portuguese, Spanish subtitle tracks)

Country: France

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Mystery | Romance | War

Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Starring: Isabelle Adjani, Gerard Depardieu, Virginie Ledoyen, Yvan Attal

Synopsis: The last frantic days before the Germans seized France in 1940 provide an unlikely backdrop for this dark comedy. Viviane (Isabelle Adjani) is a glamorous and well-known film actress who attracts the attentions of many men -- often many she has no interest in knowing. One night, at a reception following the premiere of her latest picture, Viviane finds herself pursued by Beaufort (Gérard Depardieu), a government official whose girth exceeds his charm. To throw him off her trail, Viviane allows a cranky older man, André Arpel (Nicolas Vaude), to escort her home. During the evening, Viviane and André quarrel, and after slapping him, she discovers that he has simply dropped dead. An understandably terrified Viviane calls a former boyfriend, Frédéric Roger (Grégori Derangère), and asks him to help her get rid of the body. In hopes of reviving their romance, he agrees, but after an auto accident, Frédéric is caught with the body, and is taken to jail to await his trial. When word gets out that German troops are due to arrive in Paris at any minute, Frédéric and his fellow prisoners are instructed they're to be moved out of town; Frédéric is handcuffed to petty thief Raoul (Yvan Attal), and en route the two are able to make their escape. When Frédéric learns that Viviane has fled to Bordeaux, along with much of the French upper crust, he makes his way there, where he finds he has a new rival for her affections -- Beaufort, who no longer seems such a poor prospect.

* Contains a commentary audio track with Director Jean-Paul Rappeneau (in French with no subs)

IMDB (6.9/10  2,795 votes) | RottenTomatoes (76%  93 Reviews Counted)

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