Tri karte za Holivud (1993) - Božidar Nikolić

aka "Three Tickets to Hollywood"

DiVX / 699 Mb / 1hr56 / 720x512

Director: Božidar Nikolić
Writer: Goran Miljanović
Cast: Branislav Lečić, Bogdan Diklić, Velimir Bata Živoinović, Vesna Stanojević, Slobodan Ćustić, Ljubiša Samardžić, Neda Arnerić, Branislav Jerinić
In Serbo-croatian / English srt
Genre: Comedy
Country: Yugoslavia

During the Cuban crisis in 1962, in one small serbian town people preparing festive arrival for the president Tito, which Gavrilo (local police commander), sees as a life opportunity to get his promotion. In the meantime, Cuban crisis divided citizens on two enemy sides: Several of them support Kennedy, the other ones Khrushchev, and in the middle of them, Gavrilo with his deputy Živorad "controls situation", by arresting some of them as the "dangerous element", but even because of their "unsightly appearance", so that "reporters and president wouldn't scared of them". Local kids, fascinated by art of film and disgusted with ambience, planning to run away from there, no less than to Hollywood.
This hilarious comedy shows police oppression in Yugoslavia back then ("Iron fist of communism").



English subs:


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