Semen, una historia de amor (2005) Aka Semen, a Love Sample

Rating: 5.9/10 304 votes
Runtime: 83 Min
Language: Spanish
Country: Spain | UK
Color: Color
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Director: Daniela Féjerman, Inés París
Ernesto Alterio ... Serafín
Leticia Dolera ... Ariadna / Penélope
Héctor Alterio ... Emilio
María Isbert ... Señora mayor
María Pujalte ... Gloria
Malena Alterio ... Enfermera años 70
Janfri Topera ... Dueño bar
Jesús Olmedo ... Emilio joven
Elena Vilaplana ... Madre de Serafín
David Martínez Blanco ... Serafín 6 años
Inés París ... Natalia
Rosario Lara ... Matroña años 70
David Becerra ... Dieguito
Miriam Raya ... Inesita
Perpe Caja ... Doña Mariana


Ariadna (Leticia Dolera) is a trapeze artist looking to become artificially inseminated and Serafin (Ernesto Alterio) is the man charged with this task at the clinic. After she fails to get pregnant and his love for her grows, he decides to use his own semen. They fall in love and he hopes to become dad. She doesn't want kids though; the baby is for her infertile sister. And so on. Inserted into the mix is Serafim's father Emilio (real life dad Hector Alterio), a former weatherman turned recluse who spends his day in bed watching natural disasters. Hardly a loving father/son relationship but their scenes together are the funniest of the film. What follows is a comedy of trial and error that is highly enjoyable and blissfully devoid of the cheesy close-ups of the usual corral of American actresses mooning for the camera and their People's Choice Award.

Of course, like most romantic comedies, the general structure is familiar enough. Boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-finds-girl-again will not shock anyone. But throw in a circus, a mix-up at the hospital and other over-the-top moments with strong performances and suddenly the bad films of Julia, Catherine and Meg are a distant memory. Shot in vibrant colors and highly stylized, this farfetched fairy tale comes to life with scenes at the circus. There is also a big wink to Notting Hill with the seasons changing as heartbroken Serafin wanders through the streets.
Though it's not a deep philosophical study of the meaning of family, Semen, A Story of Love does ponder the topic in a loving, unique way that is successful on the whole, moving the film to a satisfying conclusion.

Imdb Review
Serafín is a strict-obsessed with order doctor that works in a artificial insemination clinic. When he meets Ariadna, a crazy trapezist, he must inseminate her, but, due to destiny, he must use his own semen, which will cause to born in him an unusual (for him) sense of paternity, which, being totally inefficient in manners with people, will cause a bunch of theoretically funny situations (well, there's someone that is funny). The plot is silly and absurd, but it is not upsetting and the actors make a decent job in their lack of logic. Many things happen because its a movie, but its a kind of Spanish absurd comedy in the style of "Father of the bride": an ingenious comedy that only wants you to relax during 90 min and make you smile a little. It's pleasant to see, but it is not very good.

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