Hijab al Hob:Amours voilées:Veiled Love (2008) - Aziz Salmy

Hijab al Hob:Amours voilées:Veiled Love (2008) - Aziz Salmy


Director:Aziz Salmy
Writer:Aziz Salmy
Release Date:28 January 2009
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime:105 min
Filming Locations:Casablanca, Morocco
Language:Arabic, French
Subtitles:French, hard coded (when Arabic spoken)
Quality:Good, DVDRip
Further Info:See ScreenShots


Hayet Belhalloufi ... Batoul
Younes Megri ... Hamza
Saadia Ladib ... Houyem
Mansour Badri ... Hicham
Khalid Bekkouri ... Hadj El-Ghali
Malika El-Omari ... Lala Nazha
Aziz Hattab ... Annas
Najat Kheir Allah ... Nihad
Amina Rachid ... Lala Zoubida
Nora Skali ... Najwa


Since its release last year, tremendous controversy - all exhaustively detailed by the Moroccan press - swirled around the racy film. With surprising complexity, "Amours Voilées" treated the struggles of Batoul, a contemporary Casablancan woman, to juggle professional ambitions, love interests, and her family's traditions. Whereas such themes, if covered by American cinema, would have been inevitably oversimplified, to my pleasant surprise the film's producers embraced the nuances and ambiguities which define the coming-of-age process for young Moroccans today.

As fascinating a glimpse as Amours Voilées offered into the struggles of contemporary Moroccan women, I still wonder how the film might have been different had it not been written, directed, and produced by a man. Such are the ironies of life in Morocco.



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