Aaron... Albeit a Sex Hero (2009) - Paul Bright

Aaron... Albeit a Sex Hero (2009) - Paul Bright


Director:Paul Bright
Writer:Paul Bright
Release Date:1 March 2009
Genre:Action, Comedy, Thriller
Runtime:82 min
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Matthew Burnett ... Aaron
Rafiel Soto ... Jesse
Christopher Lee Gibson ... Boss
Mary Farrar ... Joan
Mary Anzalone ... Bettie
Tony Bottorff ... Border Patrol Agent
Steve Powers ... Park Ranger
Carol Barron Forbes ... Esther
Peggy Mae Binn ... Marilyn
Joeleen Ornt ... Carmen
Connie Maynord ... Polly
Larry Soileau ... Steve
Bobby Longoria ... Bruce
Heath Allyn ... Frank
Tim Brough ... Big Boss


Poor Aaron is having a bad day. He's on his last day of a lousy job. That crappy job has him hosting old ladies who "dress" like old movie stars to sites around Austin Texas that have been used in movie shoots. The new van driver is a creep. His company's boss is about to be revealed as a drug smuggler. The boss's henchmen are trying to kill him. Worse yet, his grandmother has decided she wants to toddle along in the van on Aaron's last day on the job. And things are about to get worse.

That's the setting for writer/producer/director Paul Bright's (Theft, Angora Ranch) new movie, the quirky crime caper "Aaron, Albeit a Sex Hero." Aaron (Matthew Charles Burnette) simply wants to finish a day's work so he can start a new job with a cruise line. Instead, he has to fight to escape drug runners, scorpions, rattlesnakes, spiders and Jessie, the new driver who is in on the trafficking. Oh yes, and to not embarrass himself in front of his grandmother...who is having a secret affair with one of the van travellers! "Aaron..." dodges the usual gay-movie clichés in that Aaron is hunky but no James Bond. He's already come out, so there's no endless angst about "is he or isn't he?" Nobody here is a crazed interior decorator or show-tune queen. In fact, at just under 90 minutes, this movie moves at a rapid clip with little wasted space. Aaron has one night to make everything right, and maybe get his rocks off. "Aaron...Albeit a Sex Hero" is a fun watch, with both Matthew Charles Burnette and Rafiel Soto (who plays Jessie and is one hunky bad guy) are solid in their leads and make the best of this low-budget treat.

PS. Watch the credits for an extra reveal.



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