La mia signora (My Wife) (1964) - Tinto Brass

Directors: Tinto Brass, Mauro Bolognini, Luigi Comencini

Alberto Sordi ... The husband (segments "L'uccellino", "L'automobile") / Sartoletti (segment "Eritrea") / Marco (segments "I miei cari", "Luciana")
Silvana Mangano ... The wife (segments "L'uccellino", "L'automobile") / Clara (segment "I miei cari") / Eritrea (segment "Eritrea") / Luciana (segment "Luciana")
Claudio Gora ... The Honourable (segment "Eritrea")
Maria Tedeschi ... The Honourable's wife (segment "Eritrea")
Mino Doro ... The mayor (segment "Eritrea")
Lamberto Antinori ... The secretary (segment "Eritrea")
Elena Nicolai ... The mother-in-law (segment "I miei cari")
Elena Fabrizi ... The nun (segment "I miei cari")
Marisa Fiorio ... Roberta (segment "Luciana")
Mario Conocchia ... Luciana's husband (segment "Luciana") (as Mario Canocchia)
Laura Durell ... The hostess (segment "Luciana")
Alfredo Censi ... The captain (segment "Luciana")

Alberto Sordi co-stars with Silvia Mangano in this Dino DeLaurentiis comedy production gang-directed by Tinto Brass, Mauro Bolognini, and Luigi Comenichi. The sketches primarily deal with the endearing battles between husbands and wives, giving Sordi the chance to mug for the camera in the comic fashion that made him famous.

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DIMOTSIS said...

Hellooo There......Any ideas for english,french or even greek subs? It will be greatly appreciated!!!........In the meantime I am brushing up my Italian.

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