Bilitis (1977) - David Hamilton

A coming of age story centering on the exploits of a young girl during summer vacation.


Download Link

password: flafla


weweputih said...

wrong password mate.. thx

sfb2 said...

Please re-upload the first part...its very very slow...about 4 ! hours to download...But many

sfb2 said...

Okay Folks ;-)

Password is absolute correct; dont know what weweputih does..
If you experience slow connection prolems at Part1, i´ve mirrored it :

Many Greets...;-)

(by the way its low on quality, Torrent-file of maybe better quality is here : )

eino said...

Dear poster:

Your page it's so good and useful to learn another way to look the movies, unfourtunatelay, I have had problems with the password of the bilitis password (flafla)

thank you for your work


DonPuri said...

The Password is Ok, check your "caps lock" key or use copy/paste and pass works fine.
Thanks for the movie!

James said...

New Links:

The files were creating using 'Split' functionality while creating ZIP archives using 7-Zip.

To extract using 7-Zip (Freeware), simple right-click on the "zip.001" file and from the menu select '7-Zip -> Extract Here'.

Do not use a joining to tool to join the files.

gmm said...

I have only be able to open zip.001.

The other parts are indicated as "unknown format". why? could somebody help me?

flaflatw said...

Don't know anything about the links posted by James, but sure my links are working fine (original post)

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